June 4, 2015

Addressing Automatic Waterer Misconceptions

After 94 years of experience in automatic watering, we have heard almost every reason why automatic waterers should be used and reasons and beliefs why not to.

Recently Thehorse.com conducted a poll on their website asking their readers what automatic waterer brands they are most familiar with.  We read through some of the comments and were a little shocked that some of the traditional misconceptions about automatic watering are still out there.  So we would like to address these concerns and hopefully answer some of your questions along the way.

digital water heaterDon’t use automatic watering. Prefer to keep track of what he’s drinking.” or “We DO NOT use auto waterers. You have NO idea how much your horse is drinking.” What if you could have the convenience of automatic watering AND keep track of how much water is being used?  You can! Ritchie offers a Digital Water Meter that can be mounted to the wall for visibility. To learn more visit https://ritchiefount.com/product/digital-water-meter/

“Live in Arizona, we do not use auto-waterers, water gets too hot!” We have your solution! Take a look at the EcoFount series.  These units act like a cooler in warm climates as they feature a fully insulated casing and discs that float on top of the water.  These discs prevent sunlight from accessing the water essentially allowing the water to stay cooler and cleaner.  Your horses will have fresh cool water to drink all summer long.  Don’t need the heat? Ask us about the non-heated versions.

We also noticed the comment “We wish that a truly udisconnectable waterer would be developed!”   There is! Our sister line of automatic waterers, Classic Equine by Ritchie features the EZFount which is a unit that connects to a hose and requires no permanent installation.  Learn more here http://classicequinebyritchie.com/Products/#FOUNTEZ.

We welcome any additional questions that you may have and hope that if you have any concerns about automatic watering you contact us anytime.