Find replacement parts for your Ritchie automatic waterers.

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  • Thrifty King Elliptical Closure #16305

    Fully insulated closure for the Thrifty King Series automatic waterer Learn More
  • Stall Fount Drain Plug #18221

    MSRP: $9.75
    Silicone drain plug for the use in our stainless steel Stall Fount series. Learn More
  • 3/4″ Valve Bracket #11514

    MSRP: $6.75
    Replacement valve bracket for larger units utilizing a stand pipe. Learn More
  • Silicone Plug package #18219

    MSRP: $17.00
  • Water Meter #18218

    MSRP: $19.95
    Monitor your animals drinking by placing the Water Meter in your water line. Learn More
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    Ritchie Canvas Duck Hat #S7844

    MSRP: $20.00 $10.00
    Ritchie Canvas Duck hat features an adjustable strap and black trim detail in the bill. All lettering is embroidered on a canvas material.
    Learn More
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    Ritchie Comfort Mesh Fit Max #S7845

    MSRP: $20.00 $10.00
    Ritchie Comfort Mesh Fit Max is an all white hat made with a comfort mesh for breathability. All lettering is embroidered.
    Learn More
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    Ritchie Perfect Fit Max #S7846

    MSRP: $20.00 $10.00
    Ritchie Perfect Fit Max hat is made from soft canvas material with a unstructured fit. Lettering is embroidered and features red trim detail in the bill.
    Learn More
  • 1/2-inch Valve Rubber Package #15151

    MSRP: $4.75
    Elongate the life of your 1/2" valve by replacing the valve rubber. Learn More
  • 3/4-inch Valve Rubber Package #15152

    MSRP: $4.75
    Elongate the life of your 3/4" valve by replacing the valve rubber. Learn More
  • 3/4″ Series Float Hardware Package #18313

    MSRP: $8.50
    Regulate and adjust your automatic waterer level using the larger Ritchie waterer. Learn More
  • Access Panel Hardware Package #18147

    MSRP: $12.50
    Secure the side access panel on the poly base. Learn More
  • Anchor Bolts Package #16555

    MSRP: $21.00
    Secure your Ritchie Automatic waterer using our stainless steel anchor bolts. A minimum of 2 packages required per unit. Learn More
  • Disc Thermostat #11885

    MSRP: $22.50
    Easily adjust the temperature of your heating elements. Learn More
  • Drain Washer Package (Omni) #18075

    MSRP: $11.50
    Used in all OmniFount units along with their drain pipe. Learn More
  • EcoFount Drain Plug & Overflow #14647

    MSRP: $7.50
    Part number 14647, EcoFount 1 and EcoFount 2 drain plug and overflow pipe. Learn More