August 30, 2023

Automatic Waterers Increase Your Horse Time and Decrease Your Chore Time

One of the joys of horse ownership is just spending time with your equine friend. Horse lovers everywhere know how much of a stress reliever horses can be – even something as simple as grooming your horse has been shown to help lower blood pressure. A groundbreaking study at the University of Kentucky in 2013 explored the connection between people and horses and how it develops emotional intelligence consisting of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management in people. With so many benefits of spending time with horses, it is worth a little planning and budgeting to help reduce your chore time and increase your horse time.

One of the biggest chores that steals your time is hauling buckets or dragging hoses to ensure your horse has enough fresh, clean water to drink. According to a Stable Management Reader’s Choice Survey, horse owners reported watering as the second worst chore, only behind mucking stalls. A simple solution for this time bandit is to explore the option of installing an automatic waterer for your horses.

“At Cappadocia Farm, we were looking at auto waterers to reduce water waste and to reduce the time spent checking, cleaning, and refilling traditional troughs,” says Carli McGinley, Farm Manager and Head Trainer at Cappadocia Farm in Goshen, Kentucky. “We chose Classic Equine by Ritchie because they have a great reputation and had outside waterers with heaters to keep founts from freezing. The best feature is the time saved. I do not have to fuss with extension cords and water trough heaters anymore.”

There are automatic waterers to fit every budget and every situation – whether you have a single horse or a whole stable full. Manufacturers like Ritchie and Classic Equine by Ritchie have specifically designed automatic waterers to cater to the needs and safety of horses. Options include heated units, attractive granite finishes, and matching stallfount shrouds – all designed to reduce your chore time and maximize your horse’s health by staying fully hydrated. Ritchie has recently introduced the new budget-friendly Genesis line of waterers that combine the benefits of automatic watering with the versatility of portable or permanent mounting options.