October 2, 2012

Benefits of Stall Horse Waterers

When it comes to stall horse waterers, horse owners tend to either refuse to use them or will swear by them. If you already have an automatic waterer installed in your horses’ stalls, you probably have a list of things that you have found to be beneficial. For those of you still dragging hoses and or carrying buckets, you may find that automatic waterers will benefit you after all.

Stop carrying buckets – How much time do you spend each day filling buckets? Horses can drink an average of 10 gallons of water a day. This means that you will need to fill their 5 gallon buckets at least twice a day under normal health and weather conditions. An automatic waterer can do this for you. No more refilling or carrying buckets. Your horse will have fresh water on demand 24 hours a day.

Monitor your horse’s drinking – A common thought is that if you are watering your horses with buckets, you can ensure how much your horse is drinking. More and more watering companies have water meters as accessories to their automatic waterers. Some models are basic that will monitor the gallons used, while others are digital and readily accessible for easy monitoring.

Stationary and Durable – How many times has your horse thrown its water bucket or been able to dump out the water? Most stall waterers are mounted to the stall wall with heavy-duty bolts. The close quarters require the waterers to be durable to withstand kicking, rubbing and chewing.

Warmer in the Winter, Cooler in the Summer – Automatic stall waterers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as a variety of materials. When researching waterers, you will find inexpensive galvanized waterers to fully insulated plastic and metal units. All automatic waterers function by being attached to a main water source. In most cases, the water source is buried, which will keep the incoming water cooler. Stall waterers that feature the fully insulated casing will help maintain the cooler water temperatures. The same casing will also help keep the water warmer in the winter. Coupled with energy efficient heaters, the insulated waterers will ensure that you will not need to carry buckets, even on the coldest days. These models are also less expensive to run than drop in or bucket heaters.

Individual waterers – Stall waterers are stationary and installed individually. There is no shared water source, which makes them ideal for quarantine situations. With the installation of a water meter, you can monitor every aspect of your horses’ water intake.

Other factors – Many of the automatic stall waterers on the market today have a long life; some of the top stall waterers feature a 10 year warranty. Spend less time filling and cleaning water buckets and more time in the saddle. Instead of worrying if the bucket is full, have peace of mind that the waterer is already full.

For more information on quality, reliable stall waterers, visit our Stall Fount page.