I have a CD-50 and need to get some parts.

This is a statement that is often called in to us by people who are not familiar with Ritchie and/or have purchased a property with a fountain on it. When Ritchie installed a powder coating system in 1972, we named the finish CD-50. This was on a decal that was put on all steel powder coated casings. All steel units have a brass serial tag on the casing, which is located directly under the trough. The top line of the serial tag contains the model number and a four-digit serial number. The serial number is actually a date code telling the month and year that the unit was manufactured. If you are unsure of the model number, we can usually determine the model with a description of your waterer.  Ritchie waterers are built for longevity so in most cases, parts are readily available for older models that may be labeled with the CD-50 paint.