With Ritchie Waterers, your livestock will have Fresh Water for Life. Ritchie not only offers superior fountains, they also support their products with detailed and regularly published videos, energy efficiency information, and more. Read below to learn how to get the information you need about your new Ritchie watering unit.


For step-by-step installation, cleaning, valve replacement and even a behind the scenes look at Ritchie’s factory, visit the VIDEOS page.

Product Comparison

Do you want to compare two Ritchie fountains side by side? After you’ve filtered through our products using the configurator under the product category of your choice, check out the PRODUCT COMPARISON page to see all the figures in one place for easy reference.

Energy Efficiency

Ritchie Waterers are so well insulated that electric companies and government agencies have recognized our fountains for their energy efficiency. To find out an estimated cost for unit per year for your new Ritchie fountain, visit the ENERGY EFFICIENCY page for a detailed analysis by state or province.

Specification Sheets

To view our complete product catalog or to download the Footprint or Parts Breakdown for your Ritchie waterer, visit the SPECIFICATION SHEETS page.

10 Reasons to Buy a Ritchie

Ritchie provides a superior fountain with a superior 10-year limited warranty. Poly, steel or concrete, the competition does not offer a warranty this strong. Ritchie units are heavy-duty but not heavy and have a long lifespan. They were even designed with efficient energy use in mind. Find answers to the question “Why Ritchie?” by visiting the 10 REASONS TO BUY A RITCHIE page.