Water Supply Line

A minimum 3/4’’ diameter horizontal and vertical water supply line is necessary; a 1’’ diameter line is recommended. Bury the horizontal water supply line 1’ below the normal frost line depth. A shut-off valve may be installed under the fountain for easier servicing.

Ritchie Thermal Tubes

For optimum water supply line protection, use Ritchie Thermal Tubes. The tubes are available in 3 lengths and have the most favorable diameters to maintain temperature in the water line. Center the vertical water supply line in the tubes. Do not add insulation inside the tubes as it provides a path for frost. The tubes should reach at least 1’ below the normal frost line.

Electrical Connection

Electrical installation should be completed and maintained by a qualified electrician according to local codes.

Concrete Platform

Pour a concrete mounting platform that provides a 4-6’’ thick step around the perimeter of the unit. An additional concrete extension sloping away from the unit may be poured for improved footing and to aid in proper drainage. The platform should be level for the best operation of the fountain.

Anchor Locations

Fasten fountain to the concrete mounting platform with stainless steel anchor bolts using all anchor locations provided on the fountain. Use the actual fountain being installed as the template for anchor bolt location.

Optional Repair Conduit

As a precautionary measure to aid in the event water supply line repair work is needed, the horizontal water supply line can be ran through a section of PVC pipe as a conduit that extends horizontally beyond the concrete pad.