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Pull-up Banner Samples  Three banners are available. All can be customized. 

Arena Banner – Please email or call Ruth for customization 800-747-0222  Sample 1  Sample 2

  Point of Sale Items

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Branding Group JPG without shadow | JPG with shadow

CattleMaster Series JPG

EcoFount Series JPG

OmniFount Series JPG

Stainless Steel Stall Founts JPG

Thrifty King Series JPG

WaterMaster Series JPG (Low res image. Ideal for digital or web use)

CattleMaster Series EcoFount Series
CattleMaster 10T JPG | PNG Eco 1 JPG | JPG 2
CattleMaster 480 JPG Eco 2 JPG | JPG 2
CattleMaster 840 JPG Eco 1 Green PNG
CattleMaster 1440 JPG Eco 2 Green PNG
Stall Fount II JPG Omni Series