Ritchie Customer Question: Using Harvested Rainwater

We love hearing from you whether over the phone, through email or through our social networks.  We have taken many of your questions to our YouTube Channel where Engineer Ed provides a video answer or solution.

Our Facebook Fan Noreen recently asked “Are there customers that have used harvested rainwater to support the fountains?” While we haven’t had any direct reports of customers using harvested rainwater to supply our waterers we are certain it can be done.  We have solutions to any water pressure as Engineer Ed will explain as other things to consider in the following YouTube video.

Let us know if you have questions.  Please feel free to email Ruth at rpeterson@ritchiefount.com or visit our Facebook Page where you can post a question.

2 thoughts on “Ritchie Customer Question: Using Harvested Rainwater

  1. I have pastures that are not going to be used for a period of time so should the tanks be drained and covered for the winter? I also have area where cattle are using the tanks but with freezing temperatures how should those tanks be prepared?

  2. Hawkins is here to help Ritchie improve its water quality. We work with the Ag industry to help them improve their water quality with improved disinfection and treatment. Our goal is to provide the safest and cleanest water to your livestock customers. We serve ranch applications throughout the Upper Midwest. We are a publicly traded water treatment company that serves the Municipal and Ag Industry. Please contact me to find out how we may work together.

  3. looking for replacement top for 2 hole waterer built in 1995-96 (no heat) . top has cracked and cattle have chewed it up.

  4. Hello, Is there any possibility to become a distributor for the Québec? He have distributor in Ontario (jad vent), but the shipping and the price, make the bussiness hard for the Quebec. Please let me know if we can make business together.?

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  6. I purchased a oumi 2 and the float doesn’t work. I have replaced it with white and green floats and it still leaks it’s flooded out my barn for over a week and winter’s on the way. Do you have any other floats where the stopper moves out of the way that will fit in it. Or another supplyers float

  7. It is obvious that people would like a waterer that would allow access to water for other uses. Your answer to the question about drilling holes in your product is proof. The first cattle waterer to offer that dual use would demand the lion share of the market. Do you have such an option or accessory?

  8. Got rid of my horse, now how do I put the Ritchie system away for winter. Should I drain the tank and cut off the water. I still don’t want the water in the float pipe to freeze. Would like your input with this mater. Don’t think I’ll have another animal around for quite sometime.

  9. who would you consider to be your closest competitor in quality?
    is it Nelson?
    Why buy Ritchie over the Nelson or other quality companies?
    Do I install 3 in a series run or do they have to be supplied water and electric seperately?
    Amperage needed?
    Thank you. I am wanting to purchase and install in next month.

  10. We have had our Richie Waterer for several years without a problem. Today we noticed that none of our horses or donkeys were drinking the water. We scrubbed it extra good, tried to get ever last bit of algae we could see, wondering if we have some sort of bacteria or fungus in there, and if there is any way to disinfect the unit. We have had a lot of rain almost every day in northern Wisconsin, not sure if we got something that way. Please help. Ann Maletzke

    • Hello Kathryn and thank you for your inquiry. Our waterers are extremely energy efficient and those that have the heat system are 120V. This may make it difficult to provide enough power at the individual unit in a cost effective manner. Our waterers have been known to be powered with existing home or barn solar power however and if your application allows it, this may be an option for you. Otherwise, we do have the Thrifty King series which can be used energy free if our energy free requirements are met. https://ritchiefount.com/product-category/product-lines/thrifty-king/. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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