April 23, 2015

Ritchie Customer Questions: Using Energy Free waterers with Goats and Sheep

We are often asked if goats and sheep can use our Thrifty King Series in an energy free setting. Engineer Ed highlights how our energy free waterers function and what may need to be done if used with sheep or goats.

The energy free requirements are below:

Thrifty King fountains are intended to be energy free, however, a number of factors must be met for this to be the case:
 There must be at least 10 animals that have the Thrifty King fountain as their only source of water.
 There must be a good seal against wind between the concrete platform and base of the unit.
 The water seal grooves between the base, and top of the unit, and between the top of the unit and the valve cover must be filled with liquid.
 The supply water temperature must be at least 42 degrees. (This may be an issue for rural or municipal water supplies.)

Goats and sheep often do not drink enough water to qualify for the 10 head requirement. Engineer Ed elaborates further on the energy free usage.

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