February 4, 2016

Ritchie Testimonial – EcoFount 1 in Wyoming

“I don’t typically write reviews because we have to use the product before we can form a worthwhile opinion. By the time that happens, we no longer have the information to provide a review.

After using the Ecofont 1 during -30 degree weather, I had to write you to let you know how wonderful we think this product is. Our mare took very little effort to train to drink from the font. We started with the float out, so, she had easy access to the water. We set her water buckets next to the Ecofont 1. Within the week, she decided she liked to drink from the Ecofont 1, as long as we weren’t looking at her. We added the float after a week, and, she continued to drink from the Ecofont 1, even when we watched her. Now, any time we are near the Ecofont 1, she comes over to drink just so we know how it’s done.

We live in Laramie, WY, where the winter storms can be fierce and temperatures 30 to 50 below zero each winter. We installed the Ecofont 1 with the insulated earth tube and a flow meter mounted in the house. The water line is 6 feet below grade. I have attached photos of the Ecofont 1 in during a week-long 30 below zero storm this winter (2015-2016). We experienced no problems at all. The float keeps the water clean. I use to have to clean the bucket daily due to dust, hay, slime, and other stuff in the water. The Ecofont 1 has made our lives so much easier. The meter gives us confidence that our mare is getting the water she needs.

Thank you for producing such a wonderful ptoduct. We would recommend it to anyone watering livestock I’m cold climates”

Beth & Ben Heesen

These customers purchased their waterer from Danny at The Feed Store in Laramie, WY. You can find your local dealer by visitinghttps://ritchiefount.com/dealer-locator/

To learn more about the EcoFount units, visithttps://ritchiefount.com/product-category/…/ecofount-family/ 20151215_100141