April 6, 2015

Ritchie Troubleshooting: Solving a leaking valve

Ritchie valves are known for their reliable service and quick refill, however over time, just as with all moving parts, they may need to be replaced or changed. A strong indicator of this is when the valve starts to leak.

In this video, Engineer Ed reviews the causes and easy solutions as to why your 1/2″ Ritchie valve may leak.


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Parts Featured in this video
1/2″ Low Pressure White Valve https://ritchiefount.com/product/white-12-inch-valve-package/
1/2″ Medium Pressure Red Valve https://ritchiefount.com/product/red-12-inch-valve-package/
1/2″ Green High Pressure Valve https://ritchiefount.com/product/green-12-inch-valve-package/
1/2″ Valve Rubber Package 15151 https://ritchiefount.com/product/12-inch-valve-rubber-package/
Pressure Regulator https://ritchiefount.com/product/pressure-reducing-valve-package/

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