Stall Fount II (no heat) #18490

Part #: 18490

Stop carrying buckets of water to your horses. The wall mounted Stall Fount II delivers fresh, clean water to your horse using Ritchie's time proven valve for rapid refill. This corner mount option is designed for rugged animal abuse.


Price: $385.00


  • Durable, fully insulated casing designed for rugged animal abuse helps to keep water cooler in the summer
  • Corner mount, stall option featuring a stainless steel cover to prevent chewing
  • Removable cover allows full access to trough and drain plug for easy cleaning
  • Ideal for individual stalls or pens
  • Run waterline to unit from above, below or behind unit.
  • Stall Fount II comes complete and ready to attach to your main waterline. 
  • 10 year warranty


Part # Length (in/cm) Width (in/cm) Overall Height (in/cm) Shipping Weight (lbs/kg) Drinking Height (in/cm) Heat Capacity (gal/l) Herd Capacity
18490 16.5/41.9 16.5/41.9 Adjustable 18/8.2 Adjustable N/A 1/3.79 1 horse