The Ritchie Ripple Effect
Every Saved Drop Matters

Fresh Water For Life

The benefits of adding a Ritchie to your operation extend far beyond saving you time, money, and water. By choosing Ritchie, you’ll conserve water, protect the land, and reduce energy to promote a healthier environment for generations to come. Learn how a more sustainable future starts with a drop of water.

Conserve Your Water

Today, farmers and ranchers produce more food with less water than ever before. But water is becoming scarcer and more valuable by the day. And water is the most essential nutrient for your animals.

Ritchie helps you navigate the tightrope between providing your animals all the hydration they need while conserving as much water as possible. Your water remains fresh and doesn’t go stagnant. Gallons go to your animals but don’t spill out of tanks. Your time is spent on more productive tasks than watering.

Water is precious, and we are here to save you every last drop.

Protect Your Land

Your land is your resource, your pride, your generational asset. And on your land, everything is connected.

Your animals depend on the food and water available on your acreage. So, it’s critical to keep the land clean, surface waters plentiful and the soil healthy, doing all you can to reduce erosion and nutritional run-off.

You’re committed to protecting and preserving your land, so you invest in the practices and products that reflect that commitment. Ritchie shares that mission, so we manufacture products that last, ensuring the sustainability of your land is lasting.

Use Less Energy

Maintaining a low carbon footprint includes decreasing your operation’s energy usage and is more than environmentally friendly – it’s business savvy.

Many farmers and ranchers are tapping into alternative energy sources to help keep the fresh water flowing. And emphasizing energy efficiency can do more than save you money. With many rural electric co-ops offering rebates – it can pay you money.

Working together, we can reduce both your water and power consumption. And, as a result, turn the tide on energy efficiency.

Sustain the Future of Your Industry

Ritchie Industries is rooted in agriculture and the rural lifestyle. Employee-owned and based in Conrad, Iowa, we’re committed to making an impact on a prosperous, sustainable and regenerative future – creating the Ritchie Ripple Effect and leaving the land in better shape for future generations.

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