VFS_LOGO_WHITE-1Introducing a new member to the Ritchie Family, Valley Farms Supply!  Valley Farms Supply will be our main distributor for Michigan, Northern Ohio and Northern Indiana.  We are excited to have them representing Ritchie and assisting Ritchie dealers throughout the region.  Valley Farms Supply has a history in the Dairy Industry and has warehouses located throughout the region for quick and easy product distribution.

We invite you to visit Valley Farms Supply http://www.valleyfarmssupply.com/ or give them a call to find your local Ritchie dealer (800)-227-8677.  Dealers can also be found by visiting https://ritchiefount.com/dealer-locator/.

Ideal waterers for your region

While Ritchie Industries provides a wide range of automatic waterers to suit any need, due to your climate and seasonal changes, the following families of units provide a superior and reliable source of water year-round.

Omni Series



The Omni Series is Ritchie’s most popular series of units as they provide overall heat coverage, a fully insulated casing for energy efficiency and a smooth surface for cleaning.  For more information visit https://ritchiefount.com/product-category/product-lines/omnifount// or locate a local dealer. 




CattleMaster Series


The CattleMaster Series provides a large capacity watering option for large herds in any climate.  The stainless steel trough provides overall heat coverage, ideal for the coldest temperatures while the easy-to-clean surface helps to ensure a clean drinking environment.

To learn more visit https://ritchiefount.com/product-category/product-lines/cattlemaster/ or locate a local dealer. 






Specifically designed for dairies using input from dairy producers. Featuring a heavy one-piece, fully insulated polyethylene body that holds up even under the weight of cows. The trough slopes to a large drain, and can be emptied, cleaned, and refilled in a fraction of the time other waterers take to empty, helping you maintain a clean drinking environment. The DairyFount requires 75% less energy in the winter than concrete units and they won’t pit or cause cleaning problems.

To learn more visit https://ritchiefount.com/product-category/product-lines/dairyfount-product-lines/ or locate a local dealer. 


For a complete line of Ritchie automatic waterers, visit https://ritchiefount.com/product-category/product-lines/.

Again, Welcome Valley Farms Supply!