How are these installed?

A concrete pad large enough for the animals to stand on while drinking is recommended to prevent a mud-hole from forming next to the fountain. We also recommend a step to make livestock step up to the fountain and to aid with cleaning around the fountain. The easiest way to explain this is to go to the installation link on this web-site. You can also download instruction manuals found here to see how installation is done.

What keeps it from tipping over?

Ritchie automatic waterers with poly bases have molded hold down pockets either located inside or outside of the unit.  All units need to be anchored to a concrete pad using 3/8” stainless steel anchor bolts.

Can I hook this up with a hose?

Traditional Ritchie automatic waterers are designed to be permanent installations. However our sister line of automatic waterers features an EZFount unit, ideal for warm weather climates, that can be used with a hose.  For more information on the Classic Equine by Ritchie visit the website here.

Regarding Ritchie automatic waterers, there are certain installations in warm climates where people will hook them up with a garden hose. Poly units with small access panels (WaterMatic 100, WaterMatic 150, WaterMatic 150S, Omni 2) can use Ritchie part #18091, which is the small access panel with a threaded hole through it. This panel can also be used to run electricity to the unit and will accept 1” conduit. The hole is threaded 1-11 ½ NPSM.

Will these work on a gravity-flow system?

Yes. Ritchie offers different valves for different water pressure levels. Our white valve can be used for pressures between 5 and 40 PSI and is geared toward gravity-flow systems.

Can I drill through the side of my poly unit and/or thermal tube?

Drilling through the side of a poly unit or thermal tube will automatically void the warranty and is not recommended. The polyurethane foam that is used to insulate these units must stay dry. If exposed to moisture, the foam soaks up moisture, loses its insulation value, becomes waterlogged, and will freeze.