Ritchie Fount
April 12, 2013

Waterer Spring Maintenance

March 20th, 2013 brought the official start to spring. Although the weather doesn’t seem to be cooperating, at least here in Iowa.  In hopes that spring weather is right around the corner we want to provide some general waterer spring maintenance tips. … Read More

March 12, 2013

Clinton Anderson Built and Signed Eco 1 Auction

You could own this one and only Clinton Anderson built and signed EcoFount 1 automatic horse waterer. If you were able to catch the premier of “Water for Life” the Downunder Horsemanship program on March 12, you would have seen … Read More

Ritchie Fount
March 8, 2013

Clinton Anderson built and signed Ecofount

We have been keeping a little secret.  While Clinton Anderson was at the Ritchie factory filming the upcoming episode of “Water for Life” he built a Ritchie Ecofount 1 waterer from start to finish! This one and only, Clinton Anderson … Read More

Ritchie Fount
March 7, 2013

New TV Episode: Water for Life

During October of last year, Clinton Anderson paid a visit to Ritchie to take a tour of our facility and to film a new episode of Downunder Horsemanship called “Water for Life”. Did you know that water is the most … Read More

October 2, 2012

Drought and Ritchie Waterers

Today I came across an article from Drovers called “Extreme weather dominates Central Plains”. Click here for the article. Flooding in the north and drought in the south. This reminded me of a question that we often receive at shows that … Read More

Ritchie Fount

Tip from the Field – Blow out your waterlines

Thanks to our distributor Ferguson Enterprises, we have a tip regarding the Ritchie valve that will help you with your new installation. At times we have concerns from customers who notice a drip in their valve with their new installation. … Read More

WaterMaster 1200 – Did you know?

Did you know our WaterMaster 1200 has a lower water capacity than our competitors? The WaterMaster 1200 has a water capacity only 60 gallons of water.  Our competitors equivalent holds 110 gallons.  The benefits of this to you are: 1. … Read More

Ritchie Fount

Debunking Automatic Waterer Myths

Being in automatic waterer business for over 90 years has allowed us to hear and understand what customers and other watering companies are saying about automatic waterers.  Below is a collection of the most popular automatic waterer myths and truths … Read More

Ritchie Fount

Customer Review of Ritchie Automatic Waterers

We received the nicest email and Ritchie waterer customer review and wanted to share it with you. “I am not sure who to contact but I wanted to tell someone in your company how absolutely thrilled I am with your … Read More

Ritchie Introduces the new Stall Fount II

Conrad, Iowa (March 14, 2012)—Ritchie Industries, the leading manufacturer of automatic watering fountains, has released a newly designed corner mount option to the Stall Fount Series. The automatic horse waterer is wall-mounted and delivers fresh, clean water to horses using … Read More