October 2, 2012

Ritchie Introduces the new Stall Fount II

Conrad, Iowa (March 14, 2012)—Ritchie Industries, the leading manufacturer of automatic watering fountains, has released a newly designed corner mount option to the Stall Fount Series. The automatic horse waterer is wall-mounted and delivers fresh, clean water to horses using … Read More

Benefits of Stall Horse Waterers

When it comes to stall horse waterers, horse owners tend to either refuse to use them or will swear by them. If you already have an automatic waterer installed in your horses’ stalls, you probably have a list of things that you have … Read More

August 8, 2012

Water, West Nile, and Your Horse

West Nile Virus is a mosquito-born virus that causes encephalitis and/or meningitis and horses are a species that is susceptible to infection. Since the outbreak of West Nile virus in 1999 there have been tens of thousands confirmed cases of horses infected in the United States and Canada. Of those, approximately 30% die or must be destroyed and another 17% suffer from long-term related debilitation. Read More