Thrifty King for Swine HG2 16259 *Discontinued*

SKU: #16259

Rugged fully insulated construction featuring stainless steel bite guards along the drink areas for added protection. Insulated flip lids to prevent debris from entering the trough. The Thrifty King for Swine are so well insulated that they are designed for energy free or energy efficient use. The removable top cover allows for easy maintenance and access to the float and valve. Optional heat package available (purchased separately). NOTE: Not recommended for sows.

Herd Capacity
Not sold online Locate a dealer or call 1-800-747-0222.

Key Features

  • Large drink opening and low drinking height for easy use by hogs of all sizes
  • Solid foam insulation completly sealed in impact-resistant polyethylene
  • Stainless steel bit and wear guards
  • Large access to inside valve compartment
  • Easy access for easy service
  • Electric immersion heater optional
  • 10 year warranty


*Package dimensions are listed for individual parts for shipping purposes
Part No.
Overall Height
Shipping Weight
Drinking Height
Herd Capacity
80 swine

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