July 7, 2015

Ritchie Customer Question: Can I drill into the casing?

We get several questions that all come back to one central premise. Can I drill a hole in my Ritchie Unit?

Whether you are trying to bring a water line or electrical cord into the unit, or putting a screw into the unit to mount some accessory, the answer is NO, you should not in any situation drill a hole, or drive a screw into your Ritchie unit.

Engineer Ed explains why in this video.

We go to great lengths to seal up the plastic rotomolded components in our waterers. By drilling any sort of hole in any component you allow an area for moisture to enter the unit. This type of modification of the unit will void your warranty.

If moisture is allowed into a rotomolded component it will eventually break down the polyurethane insulation that is sealed inside. This breakdown of the insulation will result in loss of heat retention creating freezing problems for you and your Ritchie unit.

All water lines and electrical wiring should be run up from underneath the unit through the concrete pad.