October 2, 2012

WaterMaster 1200 – Did you know?

Ritchie WaterMaster 1200 dairy watererDid you know our WaterMaster 1200 has a lower water capacity than our competitors?

The WaterMaster 1200 has a water capacity only 60 gallons of water.  Our competitors equivalent holds 110 gallons.  The benefits of this to you are:

1. There is fresher water available for your dairy cattle, the longer water stands in a trough, the more apt it is to become stagnant and have higher levels of algae and bacterial growth. With only 60 gallons in the trough at a time, the water turnover is more frequent. Considering 80-90% of the end product you produce is water, wouldn’t  the water that they consume should be of higher quality?

2. Heating water costs money. Should you be required to heat your waterers during the winter months, you will be heating half as much volume of water with our units as you would with our competitors. Depending on the weather conditions experienced (extreme cold winter) the additional cost of the higher volume waterers can add up quite rapidly.

3. Less water also means less water waste. When cleaning the WaterMaster 1200, you will be putting less water into your manure system, reducing waste costs later on (manure handling).

  • For example, if you have 20 Watermaster 1200’s and you clean them twice a month, you will only be adding 28,800 gallons of water to your manure storage per year. If you have our competitors unit and clean at the same frequency you will be adding 52,800 gallons per year. Multiply that by your cost per gallon to transport and spread your manure, you will see the amount of money you can save by purchasing a Ritchie versus the competition.

4. Ritchie waterers also have a ten year limited warranty. Poly products are protected against manufacturer defect for five full years, than prorated for the five years. That is five years longer than any other manufacturer in the industry.

Jeremy Tritten is the Ritchie Industries Accounts Manager for Ritchie distributor Ferguson Enterprises. Ferguson Enterprises is the Ritchie Distributor for Wisconsin, W. UP Michigan, and the majority of Illinois. Jeremy and other Ferguson representives can be reached by calling 800-950-4882, by visiting http://www.ferguson-ritchiefounts.com. You can also connect with Ferguson Enterprises by visiting their Facebook page.