August 30, 2023

Automatic Waterers Increase Your Horse Time and Decrease Your Chore Time

One of the joys of horse ownership is just spending time with your equine friend. Horse lovers everywhere know how much of a stress reliever horses can be – even something as simple as grooming your horse has been shown … Read More

August 7, 2023

Planning Tips & Common Mistakes When Considering an Automatic Waterer

Summertime and early fall are great times to plan for and install automatic waterers in the paddock, stall or pasture. Automatic waterers keep the water fresh, clean, and at a temperature that is appealing to your horse throughout all seasons. … Read More

July 12, 2023

Do the Mash This Winter to Increase Water Consumption

Did you know that horses have the smallest stomach in relation to the body size of all domestic animals? Their stomachs can only hold two to three gallons of food and water at a time. Throughout their day, the average … Read More

Ritchie Fount
June 26, 2023

Go with the flow: The importance of water consumption in dairy cattle

Name the single nutrient that can impact milk production the most drastically. Hopefully, you answered “water” but if you didn’t you are not alone. For most producers drinking water is not a top of mind concern. But consider this, water … Read More

June 12, 2023

For 100 Years Ritchie Industries Has Brought Fresh Water to the Ranch & Farm

Stagnant water, algae blooms in the summer, and stock tanks full of ice in the winter were all problems Thomas Ritchie, an Oskaloosa, Iowa native, was busy trying to solve. In 1921, Ritchie patented the first automatic waterer valve that … Read More

May 22, 2023

From Drought to Derechos – 2020 Challenges All Facets of Beef Production

Iowa beef producers have been in a heavyweight fight with Mother Nature for the past couple of years. 2019 was the blow of devastating floods and 2020 is the one-two punch of drought and derecho damage. No matter how vicious … Read More

May 8, 2023

Learn How to Keep Your Waterers Ice Free This Winter

The Farmers’ Almanac is predicting “the winter of the great divide” for the 2020-21 season – cold and snowy in the north with drought in the west. Time will tell if this prediction is accurate but one thing you can … Read More

April 24, 2023

Frozen No More: Five Steps to Prep Your Waterer for Winter

Healthy horses spend 70 percent of their day eating forage and drinking water. During the winter, horses have a natural tendency to drink less water in colder temperatures so you need to be diligent with providing fresh, clean water at … Read More

April 10, 2023

Keep the Fresh Water Flowing This Winter

Water is the Most Important Nutrient We Provide Cattle “Although water is the cheapest nutrient we may purchase or provide, it is the one we provide the most of on a per pound basis,” said Ted Wiseman, extension educator for … Read More

March 29, 2023

SBA Selects Ritchie Industries, Inc. as the 2023 Iowa SBA Small Business Exporter of the Year

Company Also Honored as SBA’s Region 7 Exporter of the Year (DES MOINES, Iowa) – The U.S. Small Business Administration has announced the selection of Ritchie Industries, Inc. in Conrad as the 2023 SBA Small Business Exporter of the Year … Read More