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  • Hose Replacement Package

    SKU: #18599 MSRP: $20.89
    Replace the hose on your smaller Ritchie automatic waterers. Learn More
  • Pressure Reducing Valve Package

    SKU: #18649 MSRP: $120.99
    Maintain a constant water pressure to your Ritchie automatic waterer for optimum performance. Ideal for high pressure and city water situations. Learn More
  • Self Regulating Heat Cable

    SKU: #16276 MSRP: $69.19
    Give added protection to your valve and waterline with our Self Regulating Heat cable featuring a built in thermostat. Learn More
  • Standpipe Package (Small OmniFount Waterers)

    SKU: #16866 MSRP: $17.59
    Run your waterline through the Standpipe in your smaller Omni series unit Learn More
  • Stall Fount II 20 Inch Shroud

    SKU: #18492 MSRP: $74.00
    Protect your water line under your Stall Fount II with this optional 20" shroud. Learn More