The heat element on one side of my (pick one) Omni, EcoFount, etc. is very hot and the other is lukewarm. What do I need to do to fix this?

The problem here is a burned out or bad heating element, or a bad connection. If it is the element that is farthest away from the thermostat, the thermostat may not be satisfied and that is why the other heater is so hot. Generally the other heating element will not be doing any heating if it is not as hot as the other side. If you have cold hands, a 50-degree element may feel lukewarm. If it is truly warmer than the surrounding components, it may have a bad electrical connection that is passing some electrical current. If this is the case, the electrical connection would probably be hot. Both heaters should always be the same temperature if the components are good. A new heating element or repairing the connection will fix this problem.

Will I be able to add heat to the standard Stall Fount later?

No. The standard Stall Fount is not set up for adding heat. We would recommend purchasing a Stall Fount 125 that comes standard with heat or a Stall Fount II 125 with heat should you see the need for heat in the future.

How much water does the waterer hold?

This varies from unit to unit. Ritchie fountains range in capacity from 1.2 gallons up to 75 gallons. Ritchie quick refill valves negate the need for a larger trough. Having smaller amounts of water allows the water to turn over quickly and stay fresh. It is also more economical to heat fewer gallons of water. Our largest water capacity trough, the WaterMaster 96, holds 75 gallons and is designed for producers that have low water pressure and need the extra standing water available.

Does the water circulate in there?

No. We hear this question from people that think a system like this (without a heat system) is an economical way to keep water from freezing. However, circulating water would require a pump running at all times to circulate water. Also, with no heat or warmer water being added, eventually even circulating water will freeze. Ritchie WaterMaster and CattleMaster can be constant-flowed in lieu of heat, with this water draining to waste, or to a reservoir or pond.

How do you fill the waterer up?

All Ritchie fountains use a valve and float system for automatic refill. This is the same principle as the toilet refill system in your house. The consumer supplies pressurized water to the unit.