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The WaterMatic family combines the best features of Ritchie waters, with the easiest operation and simple maintenance. The WaterMatic 150S features a domed cover to eliminate standing and climbing. The two trough waterer is fully insulated to keep the water cool in the summer and provides added protection during the winter. The drop in cover is easy to lift for maintenance and cleaning. Trough slopes towards drain holes for easy cleaning and debris removal. Drain plugs can be moved to the valve chamber opening for short-term trough shut-off during cleaning, when the pen is empty or during excessively cold nights. Low capacity and fast refill valve allows for low water waste and fresh water on demand. Optional heat package is required in freezing conditions.

Herd Capacity

Key Features

  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Ritchie's tried and true valve for quick refill
  • One piece rugged fountain body
  • Generous access panel for easy maintenance
  • Fully insulated casing provides extra winter protect and helps to keep the water cooler in the summer
  • Anchor holes accommodate drills
  • No gaskets to crack, tear, or leak


*Package dimensions are listed for individual parts for shipping purposes
Part No.
Overall Height
Shipping Weight
Drinking Height
Herd Capacity
100 sheep, 100 goat

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