How will I know how much my horse is drinking?

There are some horse owners that are reluctant to switch from a bucket to an automatic fountain because they use the bucket to gauge how much water their horse is drinking. We do have a water meter that can be installed (Part #18218) or our Digital Water Meter (Part #18645) in the fountain to answer this question.


The yellow and red doesn’t match my barn. Do they come in any other colors?

Ritchie poly units can be made in any color. Select poly units are readily available in green as you will find on our website. Other colors (except green) require a minimum order of 25 units. To learn more about the difference between the yellow and green Ritchie waterers, visit our Youtube video. For specialty colors please call your Ritchie dealer for pricing.

How do you clean it?

Most poly units are very easy to clean with the drain plugs located at the ends of the units. Simply push the drain plug in and, on most units, use the plug to plug the valve chamber outlet hole during cleaning. Thrifty King CT units are very well covered up and are a little more difficult to clean. Steel units must have the top cover removed to access the drain plug. An inexpensive toilet brush or similar brush can be used to swish the water around and remove dirt. Ask your local vet for animal safe cleaners should you choose to use one.

Do my animals have to push anything down to make the water turn on?

No. Water is always available to them with the valve and float keeping the fountain filled to the level that the customer sets it at.

Are these frost-free fountains?

This is one of the most frequent questions that we hear about poly units. All Ritchie fountains are frost free with the use of a heat system. We interpret frost free to mean energy free, which we then again translate to electric free. There is a misconception that because it is made of plastic it is electric free.