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  • WaterMatic 150S

    SKU: #18222 MSRP: $409.99

    The WaterMatic 150S is the only automatic waterer on the market specifically designed for sheep and goats. Designed for small animals for a fence line application, small pen or paddock. Water between 100 sheep or goats/80 calves. Drink height 13"

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  • WaterMatic 150

    SKU: #18166 MSRP: $399.99

    The WaterMatic 150 is a double sided trough automatic waterer for horses, cattle or small herds. Ideal for fence line applications, small pens and paddocks. Optional heat required for winter use. Waters between 1-40 horses or beef. Drink height 18"

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  • EcoFount 2

    SKU: #18440 MSRP: $879.99

    The EcoFount 2 is an energy efficient double drink automatic waterer for horses or cattle. Ideally used when splitting a fence for small pens and paddocks. Waters between 1-60 horses or beef. Drink height 20"

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  • WaterMatic 300

    SKU: #18050

    The WaterMatic 300 is a double sided trough automatic waterer for larger herds. Use when watering cattle by splitting a fence or stand alone in feedlot or pen. Will handle up to 100 beef/50 dairy. Drink height 26"

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  • Omni 5

    SKU: #16533

    The OmniFount 5 is a double sided automatic livestock waterer. Use when watering large herds by splitting a fence or stand alone in feed lot. Will handle up to 150 beef/75 dairy. Drink height 26"

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  • WaterMaster 800

    SKU: #18820
    The WaterMaster 800 is specifically designed for dairies with input from dairy owners. Designed to be installed flush along a wall or free standing, the WaterMaster 800 provides a constant supply of fresh water to up to 180 dairy cows. Featuring large drain plugs for easy cleaning to maintain a clean drinking environment. Learn More